July 24, 2018

“Reading allows you 
to live a thousand 
lives within your 
own lifetime.”

Catherine Hemmerling


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About my books...

The Lady Lancaster Garden Society series are historical romance with a dose of mystery and intrigue. All the stories are set in the Regency period in England and all are based on actual historic events. Click on each cover above to learn more about each book and for a link to a brief excerpt.

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Blog and Vlog

Check out My Blog for occassional ramblings and news about upcoming books. See My Vlog acted out video excerpts of my books and out-takes from those videos. If you want a little laugh and a good idea what to expect from my books (and also get to know me, my family, and friends) you should check out these YouTube gems on my channel, Treasured Tidbits. I try to keep things interesting around here, so come back often!

Partnered Authors

I love being an author. As a species, we are a very supportive bunch.

Here are some amazing writers I am happy to support...


C.L. Fors


Three hundred years in the future after stringent population control and eugenics programs have been adopted as the salvation of mankind, tensions on Earth drive a variety of malcontents to accept the singular opportunity to colonize Mars in exchange for reproductive freedom, but their varying viewpoints on the issue result in bitter conflicts and reluctant alliances as they struggle to forge a new path by salvaging ancient wisdoms cast aside centuries before.

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One or more pieces of jewelry a month starting at $7.99 a month. Make great gifts or keep it for yourself. We wont tell! ;o)

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Tracy Cooper-Posey

Two broken hearts.

Lady Natasha Innesford, four years a widow, still cannot stir herself to live.  Her life died with Seth.

Lord Raymond Marblethorpe, oldest son of Lady Elisa Farleigh, has loved the mysterious Susanna forever, but she can never be his.

Can they learn to let go of the past and love again?

Soul of Sin is the first book in the spin-off series following the historical romances of Scandalous Sirens.  Scandalous Scions brings together the members of three great families, to love and play under the gaze of the Victorian era’s moralistic, straight-laced society.

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