July 24, 2018


Aug 4, 2017  



Think back...if you didn't eat most of them within minutes of pouring the milk, you would be left with a bowl of gelatinous mush; but, Captain Crunch was especially tricky. If you ate it too soon it would rip up the roof of your mouth, but wait too long and there's that goop again. But if you timed these cereals just right? Breakfast nirvana. Or lunch, dinner, even a late night snack. So yummy!


The added bonus of these sugary treats was the prize at the bottom of the box. Remember the excitement, the mystery? What would it be? What would it be? Invaribly whatever it was would break in seconds, but it was a toy. Hidden treasure. In our favorite cereal!


It didn't get much better than that.


But now that I'm older, I eschew the "kiddie" cereals. Sugar bad. Tasteless good. But here's my problem with this new healthier kick (above and beyond the fact I am eating Brillo pads and branches and twigs)...there are no prizes in the botttoms of these cereals! Frankly, wouldn't it be more logical to put toys and treasure in the boxes of the healthy cereals? Don't we that eat the "horse feed" more greatly deserve the special treats? I suggest that we do and I think we should begin a campaign to bring this about.


Who is with me?!?





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My step-daughter, Sara Hammons, and I were waxing nostalgic over our favorite kid's cereals: Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch, and the ever-popular Frosted Flakes. Do you all remember these favorites? Do you recall the most important thing about eating them? There was a time limit on optimal consumption!

I Want My Prize!