July 24, 2018


June 11, 2017  


So far they are a lot of fun. My husband, David, is the most fun to watch. He is so expressive. I love that he is always so willing to support my hair-brained ideas. And, he's not the only one. Many have signed on to help. I have only recorded two videos thus far, and already there is an out-takes compilation! I have some hilarious friends.    


Anyway, the purpose of the vlog is to have fun, but also to introduce my books to those who may not have ever heard of me or my Lady Lancaster. Hard to believe, I know, but there are still millions of people unaware of my books! In addition to reading excerpts and deleted scenes, I am showcasing my favorite band. They are an Irish folk band called Mayde in Ireland. They are so good (and I am not just saying that because my husband is the drummer).    


Episode two happens to have live music, because the lead singer of the band, and his wife, are good friends of ours. When they heard about my video idea, they jumped at the chance to be a part of it. We had so much fun! (see the out-takes) I am rather sure you will see them again on my vlog soon.


I think the hardest part, aside from the whole editing process, is the accent. I can hear the British accent in my head when I write and when I read, but I cannot for the life of me speak with one. My husband does a passable job, but myself and most of my other friends are pretty abysmal at it. Our acting skills leave much to be desired, too. So, if you do check it out, please ignore the amateur acting and try to enjoy the underlining story, instead.


Cheers mate!

My Blog

So, I have a video blog; which I am told by my kids is called a "vlog". Basically I have coerced my family and friends to help me read excerpts from my books.


I have created a page here on my site to share all episodes as they are made.