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June 16, 2017  


that involves trying to escape from a room by looking for tools and clues within the room. Many times there are games or locks you have to figure out in order to move on. Some of these games can be very intuitive and others are frankly impossible! Due to their popularity, it only makes sense that some entrepreneurial spirit would make a business out of it. Over and above the virtual business, that is. 


As a result, there are now companies that hold "Escape Room" adventures where you have to use your wits to solve. There any many different themes and difficulty levels and all of them have their appeal. I love the idea of becoming a detective and figuring out clues so that I can survive a "dangerous" situation. Perhaps that is why I put such things in my books? Hmmm... :o)


In any case, when my husband and I received the invite to join our friends for a pirate-themed escape adventure, we jumped at the chance. Uh, we also wanted to see our friends, of course. I have no idea what to expect, but we did have to consent to some level of bondage (and yes, I did make sure we were going to an Escape Room and not something more ah salacious), so I suspect we may be tied up in the hull of a boat somewhere. When they say escape, they mean ESCAPE!


We are scheduled for "capture" tomorrow afternoon. I will be sure to share my experience soon thereafter. 


Has anyone else done one of these rooms? Did you enjoy it? Did you succeed in escaping? Send me a message on my Contact Me page and let me know. I will happily share your comments on this Blog page, so that everyone can get an idea of what to expect, beyond my own experiences.

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I am so excited for this weekend! Some good friends of ours (Hey Carters!) invited us to help them celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary by going to a room escape event. If you don't know what that is, I will attempt to explain it. The last few years, there has been a gaming trend for phones, tablets, and PCs



Escape Room



So we did it! We escaped! The room had a 37% success rate, so we feel pretty proud of ourselves.The room had a prirate theme (Argggh!) and ni the beginning we were shackled to the wall. I can't reveal any more than that however. I wouldn't want to give away any of the fun. ;o)


I will say that the Bakersfield Excape Room was professional and friendly. The room was appropriately challenging for our first effort and we definitely plan to go back to try our hands at the harder rooms. So. Much. Fun.