July 24, 2018


May 22, 2017



For example, yesterday I went out to my old webhost to cancel my account and everytime I followed the steps for cancellation and hit the final button, the page errored out. The error page told me that it had submitted the problem to the company and I should try again in a little while. This went on well into today (more than 24 hours). I filled out the cancellation information, including the various questions on why I was cancelling, and every time I would get the error. My account still existed and I was still on the hook for a monthly charge.


Now, having worked in the tech business for 25 years before "retiring" to write full-time, I know very well that bugs happen. Code breaks all the time, but was that my first thought when all this was happening?




I, instead, thought that the company was trying to screw me over so that they could collect the monthly fee from me. Keep in mind that my website was on hold and they were only charging me $1.99 a month. 


Today I called the company and cancelled over the phone. It took me less than 5 minutes including the non-existent hold-time. I did not have to jump through any hoops or even tell the nice service lady the reasons why I was cancelling like I had to on the website. It was easy-peasy and my faith in the world was once again restored, But I still wonder at my brief foray into the darkness when I thought for second the company was trying to hoard my 2 dollars a month. 

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I generally consider myself a open, honest, happy, and optmistic person. Considering I live every day in pain due to a debilitating disease, I call this a win. But every now and then the world's cynicism seeps into my consciousness and I find myself suspicious of the silliest things.