July 24, 2018


May 25, 2017



I use it as a photo backdrop. As a result, many of my photos have bits of my keyboard photo-bombing my main subject. I also use it as a writing surface, so there are pen marks all over the little mouse pad thingie.


But probably the worst thing I do is eat over my open laptop. It has survived the chili incident of 2015 and the cereal fiasco of 2016 with few repercussions, but I fear the undoing of the "little Toshiba that could" will be the salt I spilled on it yesterday.


Salt gets in everywhere and under every key. I am having to pound every letter, punctuation mark, and space bar to write this blasted blog. I am hopefully pulverizing those stupid granules to dust so that the can of compressed air can do its job. Thus far it has simply turned my keyboard into the artic tundra without effecting the ease of typing in the slightest. I have a book to write and my finger tips are getting sore.




And with this short blog hopefully serving as a cautionary tale, I will sign off to eat my lunch.


Sans salt, thank you very much!

My Blog

I live on my laptop. I don't mean that euphemistically. I, in every way, shape, and form, live my daily life on, above, or near my laptop.


I craft on it. Therefore it is covered in splotches of crazy glue and my screen has a permanent haze of spray adhesive on it.


Salt in the Laptop