June 23, 2017  



I sure hope it works!

For those of you who have read my books, you know that they are more than just histroical romances. They have a mystery or intrigue to solve. I did this because I personally like to read books like that. Where the hero and heroine are thrown together or have to work together and it shows their true personalities and outlooks. I think danger and/or stress can cause a person to show their true colors. I think it is also true, that surviving something like that can bring two people closer together. 

So my novels have stressful moments, funny moments, sad and happy moments...just like in real life.

I'm hoping this mystery I have set up through Facebook will have all of those things, too. Just in micro-form. Plus, I want it to be fun!

But, I tell you, it's hard to come up with clues. I suppose if you have ever done any sort of scavenger hunt, you know what I mean. Is the clue to hard or too easy? Is it family friendly? Does it work the same way for other people as it does for you?

I suppose it's that last one that really worries me. Because this is virtual, I have to send people to other websites for clues. What if the website looks or behaves differently on other people's equipment of choice? Will it work the same via mobile phone, tablet, and laptop/PC? Or what about account settings? Will my Amazon, for example, work the same as theirs? I have an account with Amazon and other sites, do they? I just don't know. The only way to find out is to live through it. I just hope I will be forgiven for any glitches and people will come back for a second chance. And third...and fourth... LOL.

Anyway,, if you decide to play along, I would love to see you. The party is going on all week long! If you miss it don't worry. There will be more. Like my FB (or Lady Lancaster's FB) to receive notices and invites.

Have a great and mysterious weekend, all!

Click below for a link to the event...while it lasts. :o)


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After my experience with the escape room last weekend, I was inspired to host a virtual murder mystery through my Lady Lancaster character Facebook page. You may have seen the link on my home page and/or events page.


It's kind of like a scavenger hunt that is completed entirely online. 



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